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PowerBar PowerGel 24 Pack
Item # 051352

Refuel with PowerBar® Gel, featuring C2 Max, an optimized carbohydrate blend that speeds energy to your muscles. During strenuous exercise the body burns carbohydrates and loses key electrolytes through sweat. PowerBar® Gel replenishes and restores those nutrients to help maintain peak performance. Its convenient package can be easily carried and is great for when you don't have easy access to your sport drink, such as during a long training run.

Designed for endurance athletes who need fast fuel during training or competition, PowerBar® Gel is the first gel to provide the carbohydrates and electrolytes of a high end sports drink so you immediately get the energy you need. PowerBar® Gel boasts 4X the sodium of leading competitors because sodium is the key electrolyte lost in sweat and is the only electrolyte recommended to be replaced during endurance exercises.

With its convenient package and 110-120 calories of carbohydrates (depending on flavor), PowerBar® Gel is an ideal source for immediate energy during intense athletic activity. Staying hydrated is also essential for optimum performance. PowerBar® Gel is not a substitute for water. Drink a few mouthfuls of water with PowerBar® Gel to get the fast blast of energy and hydration you need.

PowerBar® Gel is formulated with a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates for quick and effective energy. Complex carbohydrates make up 80% of each PowerBar® Gel, and simple carbohydrates make up the remaining 20%. Each package contains 15% DV antioxidant vitamins C & E to help combat free radicals produced during exercise. PowerBar® Gel also works great during intense exercise to help your body maintain hydration. Electrolytes are important in fluid regulation and neuromuscular functioning. When you sweat you lose water and electrolytes, so it's important in longer events to replace them. PowerBar® Gel contains the electrolytes sodium potassium and chloride. And with little to no fat, PowerBar® Gel won't drag you down.

Choose between caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors. Chocolate and Strawberry Banana deliver 25mg of caffeine (equivalent to 8 oz. of soda or 4 oz. of coffee) from the PowerBar® Gel Booster Blend of caffeine, kola nut extract and ginseng. Double Latte and Tangerine are double-caffeinated to deliver 50mg caffeine (equal to about one half cup of coffee) for the times you need double the boost. Vanilla, Kona Punch, Raspberry Cream, Orange Dream and Plain Energy have no added caffeine.

Caffeine Content:
Chocolate: 25 mg
Double Latte: 50 mg
Kona Punch: 0 mg
Plain Energy: 0 mg
Pomegranate Blueberry Acai: 0mg Raspberry Cream: 0 mg
Strawberry Banana: 25 mg
Tangerine: 50mg
Vanilla: 0 mg

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