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RolDri Seamless Court Dryer
Item # 505023
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Featuring a soft, double porous polyurethane 36" roller, the original RolDri water removal system has a unique "rolling seal" action that continually squeezes water ahead of the roller and adapts to the contours of the court.

To remove the majority of water, use your Seamless Court Dryer to push the liquid out of the area of interest. This requires little to no downward pressure on your RolDri as it move forward or backward. It is not necessary that the roller be dry during this procedure, as the sponge, wet or dry, forms a seal with the surface.

  • Extra-thick 36" polyurethane double porous foam roller.
  • Produces a clean 36" wide sweep that squeezes water ahead of the roller.
  • Rolling-seal action doesn't skip depressions.
  • Works on any hard-surface court with no scraping or damage to court.
  • Prepares court so you can play within minutes after rain stops.
  • Construction resists tears and separation to provide up to three times more drying power.
  • Chrome-plated steel handle and frame.
  • Replacing rollers is simple and easy.
    Great for use on:

  • Tennis courts.
  • Basketball courts.
  • Around the pool.
  • Golf greens.
  • Driveways.
  • Slightly damp soccer or baseball fields .

Included with purchase: (1) 36" polyurethane foam roller, (1) chrome plated steel handle, (1) chrome plated steel frame, (2) screws and nuts for mounting the handle to the frame.

Special note:
The handle and frame can use the:
RolDri Seamless Replacement Roller

or the:
RolDri Master Replacement Roller

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