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The TopspinPro is the ultimate training implement for players, parents, and tennis pros alike. Helping players master topspin is one of the keys in developing a great, all-around tennis game. The TopspinPro includes a mesh screen with a wire spindle portion that secures the tennis ball in place. This setup provides an excellent visual guide for beginning and intermediate level players who are working on fine-tuning their form and proper “brush-up” on the ball for perfect topspin. The TopspinPro is adjustable to allow a range of players from 5 years of age and up to those up to 7 foot tall.

  • Ideal for beginning and intermediate level players.
  • Features a spring-loaded spindle for appropriate resistance.
  • Helps guide racquet face along correct path of modern tennis strokes.
  • Helps correct #1 topspin error, closing the face over the ball.
  • Provides a way for players to develop muscle memory before they hit with live feed.

Note: Larger items like court equipment, and tennis ball machines (often made to order) may not be stocked in our Baltimore warehouse. These items are carefully packaged and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please give us a call if you’d like to pick this item up from our store so we can check availability and prepare your order.

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